The Co-Founders of Bao & Berry Fabric, Jessie (left) and Kristen (right)

Jessie (@huenmade) is the sewist / fabric-loving half of @BAOBERRYFABRICS and mum of toddler Bao. Jessie has been sewing since 2014 and dabbles in all sorts, but her real love is womenswear and eveningwear when she sewed her own wedding dress. She’s always dreamed of opening a fabric shop.

Kristen (@kristenkiong) is the illustrator / designer half of @BAOBERRYFABRICS, and mum of Blueberry and Raspberry. Kristen has also been illustrating since 2014, but only recently dove into digital art in early 2022. She has developed a love for pattern making and loves seeing her kids wearing her designs. That said, Kristen knew little to nothing aboubt fabric before this endeavour.

Between Kristen’s 8 years of illustrating and Jessie’s 8 years of textile shopping, sewing and learning what makes a good fabric, we’re committed to bringing you the best quality fabrics that we would love to use ourselves.